Moving Tips

  1. You already have so many containers to pack things into. Bags, backpacks, suitcases, those cute reusable grocery bags, storage boxes – you name it, I bet you’ve got it.
  2. Start collecting boxes from packages you get in the mail. Depending on how much you’re moving and what your storage sitch is, you can decide how early to start doing this.
  3. Monitor FBM or your local Buy Nothing group for people in your area offering their moving boxes up for free (it happens often). Consider doing the same yourself when you’ve finished using them.
  4. Save those packing materials too! Whether it’s actual bubble wrap or just newspaper, magazines, other fillers, etc. it’ll do the job.
  5. Get creative with how you protect your fragile pieces to minimize any extra packing material you’ll need. Think of what you already have – towels, sheets, pillows, blankets, sweaters, etc.
  6. Plan ahead and try to take fewer trips between spaces. If you’re renting a van or just using a car, pack it as full as possible (while still being able to drive safely, friends!).
  7. If you’re fancy enough to hire a moving company that’s not just your mom, look into getting someone more “green” if you can. They might have more efficient moving vehicles and would offer boxes and materials that they reuse with each customer.