Sharing Community Resources

Something to think about before you buy – does this item make sense to borrow and is there anyone you know that has one already?

For investment items that aren’t used daily, we can create local communities in which we borrow the items when we need them and lend them to someone else when when we don’t. Normalizing sharing resources can have a major positive environmental impact. For example, my neighbor might have a circular saw that I borrow to tackle a DIY home project while I have some folding tables they can use when the host a party. That way, we don’t each have to own both.

Check to see if your local library has a Library of Things or become a member of your city or town’s Buy Nothing group on Facebook.

Resources on Facebook

The goal of the Buy Nothing Project is to promote the sharing and gifting of usable items within a neighborhood or town for free. It’s typically hosted as a Facebook group, but they have an app (with mixed reviews). I’ve gotten (and given) some amazing things through Buy Nothing!

Zero/low waste Facebook groups, especially ones specific to your area, can be really helpful when trying to learn more about sustainable living. They’re also helpful if you have a question or are looking for suggestions. Here are some examples:

If these aren’t relevant for you, just do a quick search on Facebook to find one that’s more local! Try using key words like “Zero Waste,” “Low Waste,” or you can try standard terms like “Sustainability” or “Green.” Add the name of you city/town/state and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something.

Photo: PC Sweeney, Medium